Drones could be used to help horse rescue

If you were out riding in some isolated area and need help and assistance quickly, aerial vehicles called drones are able to provide real-time visual information and imagery to save time and help make better decisions. Since they are electronic and very cheap to operate, drones in search and rescue can cover large areas and provide situational awareness over a large area in a quick way.

The biggest benefit here is the reduced time in saving a horse and rider as well as the number of searchers required to locate and rescue an injured person and equine. It is safe to say that the drones in search and rescue are efficient, cost-effective and quicker than many other alternatives. Their real-time data and imaging, day or night, aids in the search and rescue of missing people and horses and can even integrate technologies which filter infrared thermal imaging to detect human body heat, as well as hidden objects.

Horses are naturally afraid of Drones.

Not because they fly, but what they sound like while flying. Nature has taught horses to stay away from any kind of wasp or hornet’s nest, and that’s what a drone sounds like in the air. It is disturbing for horses when they see or hear it flying overhead. You can now book on courses to help your horse or pony get used to the sound of a drone overhead or in their close proximity. Doing groundwork with your horse is always good for both the owner and the horse.

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