Joanna Lowes

 Jo has spent over five years developing her understanding of horse behaviour and training alongside Monty Roberts.  As his international assistant and tour rider she has travelled with him to countries such as Brazil, South Africa, Hungary, as well as regular tours around the UK and Germany, assisting with a wide variety of events and private clients. From wild mustangs to valuable young racehorses,  Jo has an intensely varied experience in a range of disciples, from many areas of the world.

Joanna Lowes Expert fully qualified Horse trainer, rider and assistant to Monty Roberts . For help with almost any remedial issue with your horse, general training advice, or to expand your own knowledge please feel free to drop her a message below. In 2020 Coetir Bach will be launching a range of Monty Roberts and Horsemanship courses, which will be designed for complete beginners to trainers looking to hone their skills.

Using a range of force-free techniques Jo’s aim is not only to improve the behaviour and performance of equines, but also to work with the owner to ensure a continuation of progress. For all your training contact Joanna…  Here

Lots more about Jo coming soon. 


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