Our girls meet Monty

Our junior girls who ride horses and work hard at the stables really deserve a gift now and again. So they were secretly entered into a equestrian competition run by the wigan horsemanship expert Paddy Gracey. After a few months they were delighted to learn they had won a fabulous day out at Myrescough College as guests of Paddy Gracey, Kelly Marks and the brilliant Monty Roberts.

Arriving at Myerscough college our winners Rosie and Amber along with Mum to look after them during the day were met by Paddy who greeted them with a big smile. The girls told him they were still surprised to win and were really exited to meet everyone. Paddy took the family on a tour of the arena and the round pen which would be used for the demos with Monty Roberts. Next they went to meet Kelly Marks who chatted to them for ages, they moved along to meet Monty Roberts. Monty as usual greeted them all in his wonderful pleasant way making them feel so welcome. The girls were so delighted to have a photo session with Paddy,Kelly and Monty. 

Soon it was time for the demonstrations to start. Rosie and Amber were able to find seats at the front enabling them to have a brilliant view of the show. It was a wonderful experience for them as the show included Monty doing join ups with various troubled horses. Kelly was also working hard showing how to work with horses who do not want to load. A great day to remember for our young equestrians. It was a super reward for all the hard work the girls do in helping rescued ponies and working hard in the yard and stables. They send a huge thankyou to Paddy Gracey.

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