Meet Paddy Gracey

Intelligent Horsemanship Expert

Intelligent Horsemanship Associate

  • Phone Number: 07708295868 / 01942 518309
  • Instructor/trainer/coach/producer
  • WN2 2EY
  • Updated 3 years ago
  • How far do you travel to clients (miles): 50+ Miles
  • Recommended Associate – Intelligent Horsemanship

Paddy is a Recommended Associate of Kelly Marks Intelligent Horsemanship.

Using established principles of psychology and equine behaviour together with years of experience Paddy helps owners with their horses within a large area of his base in Wigan.

Whether you have a young foal or weanling that needs handling; a horse that needs saddling, long-reining, backing; a horse who won’t shoe, catch, load, clip, needs schooling, hacking out, or anything else you can think of Paddy can provide you with a solution to get you heading in the right direction.

If you want to see Paddy’s work for yourself do look at his Facebook page where he has lots of videos of the incredible behaviour work he has done helping owners solve all manner of loading, mounting and riding problems with their horses all over the UK.  This man really does work miracles in a very non invasive way, earning the horse’s trust.