Remembering Saahi USA

Saahi USA, Born 1st Jan 1989. A special racehorse to remember. He was a winner straight from the start with his owner, showing tremendous potential during his early training. Saahi ran from 1991 to 1989 when he was retired to spend his days at leisure. During his career won 16 races and was placed over 16 times winning thousands of pounds for his owner. A really tremendous racehorse being bred from the line of famous horse Northern Dancer.

On his retirement Saahi came to stay at the pony sanctuary to be looked after by myself and the volunteers. He was a great character being head of the 17 or so horses in the herd, keeping all the horses in check without any force or unwelcome behavior. So suttle in his movements but all the horses did what he asked, he had a very well behaved herd.

Sadly in his later life Saahi did suffer from bouts of colic and lameness. He became seriously poorly and was taken to Leahurst Equine Hospital. It was a sad time when he was gently put to sleep and rest his soul in heaven.  Always missed by everyone he will never be forgotten.

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