Springer Huey

Huey has the classic spaniel look, large and expressive eyes, a moderate muzzle with a definite stop to the forehead and long-hanging ears.  He is not quite the tallest of the spaniel breeds, but has a fair amount of leg for covering rough ground quickly.

Like most springer spaniels he has a medium-length coat, which can be flat or wavy. Extra hair is on his ear fringes, feathering on the rear of all four legs, and on the chest. His colours are most commonly seen but there are variations.

 Huey is surprisingly a very good watchdog, giving a loud alarm bark and protecting his house. He does very well with children . He does prefer to be active, he loves jumping in any water and does get clipped around his legs, feet and ears. He gets daily brushing out of the feathers and long coat. 

Huey always so busy.

Huey is most happy running about at the farm or in the empty stables chasing a little bit of straw. He does have a ball to chase and then bury it somewhere. Doing groundwork with your dog is always good for both the owner and the dog.

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