Ben Collins

Ben has ridden horses from places as far apart as the lush green valleys and mountains of  Wales to the marvelous Moroccan beaches and sunny Barbados. Ben is a fully trained horse whisperer. After having ridden horses for over 2 decades he turned his attention to learning about horsemanship and groundwork with equines. Looking after 35 rescued horses and ponies for over 20 years has given Ben the expertise to work with any horse and solve any problems it may have. 

Training with Kelly Marks and working on the same lines as Monty Roberts Ben has been able to attain a most highly regarded position in the equine community. Ben is at present working with 11 horses at his own stables where he is available for anyone wanting advice about groundwork or horsemanship. Liberty training is high on the list of practices Ben is passionate about. Ben is the recommended trainer for equine students from Leahurst Equine Practise.

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