Loading Ponies

One of the first things to remember when loading up your horse and driving off with a trailer is that you must take your time. Impatience and rushing will cause problems every step of the way. Be sure to set aside plenty of time to prepare your trailer, your horse and yourself for a safe and trouble-free ride.

Riding in a trailer can be a very scary experience for a horse. Remember that horses are herd animals, and they like to have company. For this reason, it’s easier to trailer two horses than one. If your horse is anxious, it’s always a good idea to for him or her to have another horse in the trailer.

Remember that horses are herd animals and being in close proximity with each other can help calm their nerves. Assemble your horses in a waiting area near the trailer before you begin loading. Be sure that they can see each other the whole time. When you unload, reverse this process. Don’t lead one horse off out of sight as soon as he exits the trailer. Instead, tie him up nearby so that the others can still see him as they are unloading.

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